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Custom CTS A250K Split Potentiometer

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FROM MONTREUX SELECTED PARTS Vintage CTS Pot Potentiometer Log A250k Split Shaft #562


The Pots are the mostly commonly fitted to the majority of quality USA electric guitars

For Single Coil pickups (Fender Stratocaster & Telecaster guitars).

Split Shaft 6mm will fit only 24 fine spline Knobs.


  • Cost effective replacements to noisy/scratchy Volume pots

  • Or upgrade replacement of Alpha or Mini Pots

  • High quality component 

  • Good smooth action


Comes complete with:


  • Fixing Nut

  • Plain Washer

  • Star Grip Washer for the underside of the scratch plate

  • Log A pots are normally used for volume controls.



  • Shaft Height 15.50mm

  • Split Shaft 6mm

  • Pot Width 24mm

  • Width of Threaded shaft 9.35mm

  • Overall Height 27mm

  • 9% Tolerance


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MONTREUX SELECTED PARTS are a line of unique high quality products 20 years in the making!

Based on 20 years of knowledge in the luthier/repair business, Montreux Selected Parts are products

which have always been in high demand, but have been very difficult to obtain until now!


Taken from official Japanese Montreux Parts site:
By mixing a special silver material with carbon, which is the resistor, we eliminated the "lose sound" at the volume 0 o'clock, which is the biggest problem of CTS pots in the past.
This sound leakage phenomenon occurs because the residual resistance inside the pot is large, but "CUSTOM CTS POT" keeps the residual resistance, which was about 20 Ω on average, to 4 Ω or less. The shaft uses solid brass, which has been confirmed to improve sound quality, and the bottom part incorporates the "flat back style" found in 50's Gibson.
The torque was also set to an appropriate weight by changing the internal grease. Custom CTS Potentiometer CTS pots are highly reliable, as evidenced by the fact that they are genuinely used on fenders and Gibsons.
However, CTS does not manufacture pots just for guitars, so when used as a guitar volume for standard products, there were frequent occurrences of slight leaks even when the aperture was cut.

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