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Vintage Fender® Lic. 1962 - 69 Strat® Hals


Vintage Fender® Lic. 1962 - 69 Strat® Hals

Select Art. Nr.: BN-007
Custom Aged by Swlabr® (former Monster Relic®) - Rare
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Vintage Fender ® Lic. 1962 - 69 Strat ® Neck - Aged by Monster Relic® - Rare 

This is a Fender® licensed replacement neck for "Stratocaster®" guitars , finished and aged to look like a Vintage Stratocaster® neck.
  • Refinishing and Aging by "Swlabr®" the people behind all the (only) higher quality works at Monster Relic®
  • SRO 21 Neck made by Allparts®, known for its Fender ® compatibility and superior quality
  • Fully compatible with original vintage and US reissue parts and necks
  • Never used
  • 21 vintage frets (.079" x .043")
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 7.25" radius
  • Nut width 1-5/8"
  • Heel width 2-3/16"
  • Tuning Peg Hole Diameter .340"
  • Truss Rod adjustment at heel
  • Neck thickness .84" at first fret, .95" at twelfth fret
  • "Contrasted yellowing and tanning" at the heel of the neck where it sits into the body
  • Shadow marks and dents made by tuner installation is also visible at the rear of the headstock
  • Headstock features some dings and dents to reflect the years of usage
  • Subtle traces of contrast caused by the bushings of the tuners
All at the right traces at the right places, which you do not find elsewhere.
It looks like it has many years of exposure to UV aging, and yet not overdone to maintain the integrity and playability of the neck.
The neck is "properly" finished in Nitro lacquer and it still features the "vintage shine" that you find on many vintage necks,
(most old necks don't lose their shine), unlike many fake looking necks that were not finished properly!
This would be an excellent fit for a 1962 - 69 restoration project.
Again these are custom aged for us by Swlabr®, EX Monster Relic®.
They are rare because Swlabr
® DOES NOT make a lot of them hence the very long waiting time.
Aged and made by Mr. Lee, the man behind Monster Relic®, a real Master Of Aging!

This neck is licensed to Allparts Music Corporation by Fender ® Musical Instruments under a quality control trademark license.
Allparts Music Corporation is not affiliated with Fender ® and no Fender® warranty applies
All Fender ® licensed Allparts necks are marked as such on the heel.

Stratocaster ® & Strat ® is a registered trademark of Fender ® Musical Instruments Corp.

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