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Neuigkeiten bei Guitarslinger Products Shop

21.01.2022 - Der renommierte,englische Gitarrist Jay Parmar checked den RB1011 MKII Booster

"Ritchie Blackmore, The ‘Burn’ Factor! Guitarslinger’s RB1011 is an awesome and faithful reproduction of the preamp from an AIWA TP1011 tape recorder that Ritchie Blackmore used to boost his guitar signal into his Marshall amps! Working in much the same was as the preamp on an Echoplex preamp, the 1011 gave his guitar tone some serious tone and OOOMPH! And I LOVE this pedal! Guitarist Alex Beyrodt at GuitarSlinger has done a beautiful job of creating it and it has quickly become a favourite pedal for me, especially plugged into my ’69 Plexi"



Der bekannte Österreichische Gitarrist nimmt sich den RB1011 zur Brust!

Another nice Boost this time. The RB1011 MkII from Guitar Slinger. Based on the famous pre boost from the AIWA TP1011 "Tape recorder" Richie Blackmore used. Take a listen.


19.08.2021 - Andreas Schmid-Martelle testet den RB1011 MKIII

Der bekannte Deutsche Gitarrist und Soundgourmet Andreas Schmid-Martelle testet den RB1011 MKIII


25.04.2021 - Gear Review Hart Guitar Oliver Hartmann

Oliver Hartmann von Hart Guitar testet ausgiebig den RB1011 MKIII


24.02.2021 - Vintage Guitar Review RB 1011

Vintage Guitar Magazine RB 1011 Review- January Issue


The GuitarSlinger RB1011
Silver Edition MkII

GuitarSlinger Products offers a wonderful
variety of parts and accessories for
the discriminating guitarist. Their effects pedals, in particular, are incredibly cool,
leaning toward classic rock sounds with
performer-friendly tonal options. The RB1011 Silver Edition MkII booster,
for example, provides the keys to the sacred
Ritchie Blackmore tone. Incorporating the sounds of Blackmore’s 200-watt Marshalls
and his Aiwa TP 1011 tape machine circa 1974, the RB1011 puts the user in the Deep
Purple/Rainbow church.
The RB1011 is a true-bypass, real estatefriendly stomp box that’s 100 percent
handmade and features a Class A FET preamp. It has a single knob called Burn
Factor, takes a 9-volt adapter, and offers incredible dynamics and clean headroom.
Boosting capabilities are controlled with the guitar’s Volume control, and the
pedal works as a boost for solos or a buffer preamp.
The RB1011 opens up boxy-sounding combo amps and rejuvenates
lifeless half-stacks for supernatural ecstasy. Finding the sweet spot with
the Burn Factor knob and diming the guitar’s volume for rhythm and
solos makes the RB1011 a true onstage performer’s pedal. It’s breathy,
organic, and clean, yet offers plenty of balls for solos without noise. Guitarists
like Shred Lord Joe Stump use it, as well as main man Blackmore himself.

How’s that
for endorsements?

– Oscar Jordan-

16.09.2020 - You Tube Kanal Online

Hallo Freunde,

seit kurzem haben wir einen eigenen YOUTUBE Kanal.


Hier werden wir in loser Reihenfolge Produktvideos präsentieren.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch als Abonnenten.

09.07.2020 - Customer Review RB1011 Blackmore Booster

Dog With Two Bones Product Review of the RB1011 MKIII


19.09.2019 - Kundentest Fireball MKII Booster

Seht hier unseren Bestseller, den RB 1011 MKII live in Aktion:


Happy Customer, Happy Us!

Schreibt uns gerne eine Nachricht und bestellt den RB 1011 jetzt schon vor!

Wir bauen jeweils eine begrenzte Stückzahl pro Edition. Wer zu erst bestellt, sichert sich den RB 1011.

19.09.2019 - GuitarSlinger Parts wieder am Lager

Nach neuer Lieferung sind viele GuitarSlinger Parts wieder am Lager.

Falls das gesuchte Produkt nicht dabei ist, schreibt uns gerne eine Nachricht im Shop

oder eine E-Mail an info@guitarslingerproducts.com

Gerne versuchen wir via Custom-Order alle Kundenwünsche zu erfüllen.

30.01.2017 - "Montreux Pickups 1959 PAF Clones" in der Gitarre & Bass Februar 2017

Lesen Sie den neusten Testbericht unter https://de-de.facebook.com/Guitarslinger-Products-209270735756423/

Danke an die Redaktion!

Die Pickups sind hier im Shop erhältlich!


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