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Retrovibe Phaser “WArm” - Effektgerät

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Retrovibe Phaser “WArm” - Effektgerät

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MONTREUX RETROVIBE - Phaser WARM - Handmade - True Bypass - N.O.S. Parts - Effect Pedal
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MONTREUX RETROVIBE - Phaser WARM - Effect Pedal - Handmade - True Bypass - N.O.S. Parts

This effect recreates the warm sounds of The Eagles and countless fusion guitarists. You can hear the “west coast “ influence.

The "Phaser Warm" has sweet/warm characteristics, which of course you can tweak to get your own sound.

Once again a carefully selected FET circuit reproduces to the exact specs of the 70’s original unit.


  • Handmade
  • NOS Parts
  • True Bypass
  • Selected FET circuit
  • Famous 70's Original sound
  • Original signal boost
  • High visible LED indicator
  • 9V Batterie & DC Connector

The Montreux “Retrovibe Pedal” series,  a line of guitar effect pedals that whilst respecting the famous vintage pedal sounds of the 70’s and 80’s, have been enhanced for easier use and playability.

To faithfully reproduce the individual sounds of each effect, all of our products are handmade, Not made in a mass production, as so many other pedals are.

We use N.O.S parts, which are pretty rare. These are well designed true bypass switching, high brightness = high visibility LED indicators. Every effort has been made to make our products both practical, and very usable, in any situation.

We like to think that we have designed a range of pedals, that while giving you the classic sounds that you love, can also take you into the future, with your own individual sound.

We will also continue to work on the future development of the “Retrovibe” series and endeavour to bring you the highest quality and amazing sounding effects, that you could ever need.

Welcome to the Retro-Future !


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