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Retrovibe #233 Alu Saitenhalter Relic ® - CRYO TUNED


Retrovibe #233 Alu Saitenhalter Relic ® - CRYO TUNED

Select Art. Nr.: C-233
MONTREUX RETROVIBE SERIES - Aluminum Tailpiece Aged - CRYO TUNED - #233 - Fits To Les Paul®, SG® And Junior®
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MONTREUX RETROVIBE SERIES - Aluminum Tailpiece Aged - CRYO TUNED* - #233 - Fits To Les Paul®, SG® And Junior®

  • Lightweigt Tailpiece
  • CRYO TUNED* for improved sound characteristics and richer harmonics
  • Aluminum
  • Fits to Les Paul®, SG® and Junior®
  • Finest And Best Vintage Stoptail
  • Authentic Aging
  • Dirt Build Up
  • Historical Correct Measurements And Materials
  • Aging Can Vary From Pictures


Cryo-Tuning (extreme low temperature treatment at -180° C / -292° F) is a new and effective method to improve sound characteristics of guitars, basses and replacement parts. The Cryo-Treatment shortens the natural aging process and “stabilizes” parts over their lifetime.

Effects of Cryo-Tuning for guitar and bass parts:

  • Reducing residual stress in replacement parts
  • Harmonizing sound characteristics and minimizing bad harmonics
  • Improving surface quality
  • Higher tensile strength and wear resistance
  • Improving conductibility of electronic parts like pickups, potentiometers and wires
  • Bill Calaham (US guitar builder) obtained an 18 % higher output for Cryo-Tuned Pickups, which enriches the tone and sustain especially for overdrive purposes. Harmonics and tone are smoother and fuller after the treatment.

“The Cryo treatment is the icing on the cake.” - Bill Callaham


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The RETROVIBE SERIES Line are modern replacement parts which have been skillfully aged to

provide an authentic vintage vibe at a lower cost. Great for newer as well as vintage guitars,

RETROVIBE will allow you to customize your guitar at a price everyone can afford.


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