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Torlam Schlagbrett MG69 #5 (Red)

MONTREUX - TIME MACHINE COLLECTION - '69 MG Pickguard - Red - Torlam #5 - #19186 - fits to Mustang®
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MONTREUX - TIME MACHINE COLLECTION - '69 MG Pickguard - Red - Torlam #5 - #19186 - fits to Mustang® and similar models

  • MG Pickguard
  • Beautiful Red Pattern (Torlam #5)
  • Late 60's Look
  • 4 Ply
  • 12 Holes
  • Elaborately Made With Proprietary Production Technique From Montreux®
  • Laminated Tortoise Shell Patterns
  • Top Grade Modern Material (TORLAM) for Stability, Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Will Not Shrink Or Crack
  • Historically Correct Dimensions and Measurements
  • Premium Product - Handmade in Japan

About Montreux - Torlam Pickguards:

High quality tortoise-shell patterned pickguards just like vintage, early 60s guards!
Montreux Torlam guards are manufactured in Japan using proprietary techniques to be the most accurate reproductions that money can buy of hugely popular, vintage tortoise-shell guards introduced in the late 50s. Several years of research went into making these guards, which are available in six different configurations of tortoise patterns and color to compliment any guitar.
Montreux Torlam guards are hand made of top grade modern materials for stability. Give your guitar a new life with Montreux Torlam!


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