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Emerson Custom - Vormontiertes Set T3 - Reverse Control layout - 250k - fits...


Emerson Custom - Vormontiertes Set T3 - Reverse Control layout - 250k - fits to Tele®

Select Art. Nr.: T3-R-250K
for Reverse Control Layout / for Single Coil Pickups
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Emerson Custom - 3-Way TL 250k Reverse Control Plate Style - Prewired Kit - fits to Tele®

Handwired in the USA

Features Emerson PRO CTS Potentiometers

These 3-Way TL kits are Emerson Custom's most popular prewired kits .. and for good reason; They improve your tone! They take great pride in using premium components that work and sound better than stock electronics found in your guitar. Pots are hand metered and matched for great consistency and even taper on both the volume and tone knob (better control when rolling down the volume knob... no more mud) Also their Emerson Paper in Oil capacitors sound amazing! Paper in Oil capacitors were used in vintage guitars for good reason... They sound amazing.

This is a 3-Way TL prewired assembly for Tele® style guitars featuring 2 pickups. It will drop into most Mexican or American Teles® with no modification. **(If purchasing the Reverse control plate kit please see install notes below)**

Wired with 22 AWG vintage push-back wire for that vintage look and sound. Soldered connections to the input jack are insulated with heat-shrink to ensure durability and long life. If you are installing this on a non-US guitar with metric sized pots you may need to ream your control plate holes to accept the slightly larger US-Spec pots and buy US-Spec knobs.

Set Includes:
- (2) Emerson PRO CTS 250k Solid Shaft w/.375" (3/8") Shaft Length
- (1) Oak Grigsby 3-Way Switch
- (1) Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Input Jack
- (1) 0.047uf Emerson Paper in Oil Capacitor
- (1) Volume Mod
- Wiring Diagram

**Reverse Control Plate Setup Note**: Volume, Tone & 3-way Switch. (Volume Control is parallel to the bridge pickup for players that like to use their volume knob a lot for swells and more overall control). **Due to the nature of "flipping your controls" you may have to modify your existing cavity route by lengthening the area underneath the the control plate to fit the reverse control layout.**

About Emerson Custom:


Emerson Custom’s Prewired Kits are hand-built one at a time in their shop in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They take great pride in the Prewired Kits they produce, and strive to offer the best build quality and attention to detail as possible.

All of their Prewired Kits feature hand-selected, premium audio quality parts to help you achieve consistent & reliable tones that inspire you to make the best music you've ever made.


Die Firma Emerson Custom hat sich auf hochqualitative, einbaufertige Elektronik für Gitarren und Bässe spezialisiert.Für jedes der gängigen Gitarrenmodelle gibt es verschiedene Schaltungsmöglichkeiten die den Klang des Instrumentes besser zur Geltung bringen und eine größere Vielfalt an Sounds ermöglichen.

Handverdrahtet in den Vereinigten Staaten; mit einer unerreichten Genauigkeit, die eine hohe Stabilität und Langlebigkeit der Gitarrenelektronik ermöglicht.

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